Developed by the CIRAD's Biomass, Wood, Energy, Bioproducts Research Unit (BioWooEB), the 7th release of Tropix software introduces new features and includes new properties compared to Tropix 6 (2008 edition). The user interface has been totally redesigned, providing to the user a more friendly environment.

Tropix 7 features

For each species, Tropix 7 provides data and information on:

  • Scientific names and common names of the species, their origins (illustrated by maps of geographic distribution) and any trade restrictions (listed under a CITES Appendix).
  • Characteristics of logs; appearance, color and macroscopic structure of wood (illustrated with photographs of wood and examples of use).
  • Main physical and mechanical properties (average values, dispersion).
  • Resistance of wood to biological agents of deterioration (fungi, termites, dry wood borers); impregnability; use classifications; any conditions for preservative treatment according to the conditions of use.
  • Drying behaviour (drying table provided as a rough guide).
  • Behaviour of wood during sawing and machining, aptitude for peeling or slicing, held assemblies.
  • Commercial grades: appearance grading of sawn timbers (according to the existing rules) and visual grading for structural applications.
  • Main actual or potential uses; reaction to fire (according to French standards and European standardization).
  • Summary comparison tables of the main technological characteristics (physico-mechanical properties, parameters of physical and biological stability).

Tropix also allows multicriteria searching of species using preselected search terms, or by similarity to a different species.
The technical descriptions of the species can be printed, as well as lists of species matching the selected parameters of a multicriteria searching.

Tropix software is registered under the following international unique identifier: IDDN.FR.001.070032.002.S.P.2002.000.30615

Download Tropix 7

Tropix CD 2011
Version 7.5.1 (2015, may)
Size 25.1 MB
Requirements Windows XP to Windows 8.1
Languages French, English


Consult species' data sheets

Data sheets are available for free. Distribution is prohibited without express consent from BioWooEB team.

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