How to get it

For both new setup or update from a previous version of Tropix 7, download the following file:

Tropix setup

Version 7.5.1 (May 2015)
Size 25.1 MB
Requirements Windows XP to Windows 10
Languages French, English

If you have not purchased a license, Tropix will run in trial version: all features are available but navigation is limited to 10 species for 30 days of effective use.

Buy Tropix

  1. Fill out and send back the order form including your payment.
  2. After installing the software, a unique key for your computer will be generated. You might return this key at
  3. We will send you back (as soon as your payment is received) a user name and activation code to unlock Tropix.

What's new?

Version 7.5.1 (2015-05)

  • Bug fix: some species could not be printed
  • User interface minor updates

Version 7.5 (2015-03)

  • A new species: Cryptomeria from Reunion Island (France)
  • Full internationalization of data completed
  • Updates of technological data for several species
  • Ergonomics improvements
  • Some bug fixes, documentation updated and other improvements...

Minimum system configuration

Tropix is developed for Microsoft Windows. Minimum system configuration required is:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional or later version (32-bit)
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher, with Adobe Flash Player 8 or higher
  • 120 MB free disk space available on hard drive
  • A 1024x768 screen resolution or higher

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